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In the aftermath of the global financial crisis and the recovery from the worst American recession since the Great Depression, government leaders have learned that they need to do more, like make improvements to infrastructure, basic services and governmental programs, but with shrinking resources.

Municipal governments have the greatest direct impact on the lives of their constituents and no matter how tight the budget, citizens expect – and deserve – action. So mayors have to think innovatively to accomplish goals, deliver services more efficiently and effectively, and stimulate economic development.

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Philadelphia Mayor Michael A. Nutter has not pared back his ambitious agenda despite reduced funding. One major focus: access to a quality education, which he refers to as “the new civil rights fight.” Mayor Nutter supports a number of creative initiatives designed to provide Philadelphians with educational opportunities and job skills to prepare them for the 21st century workforce.

Philadelphia is one of more than 60 cities worldwide that have participated in IBM’s Smarter Cities Challenge program. IBM sends teams of six executives to participating cities to help them come up with solutions to difficult problems. Nutter and other mayors have provided insights in to what it takes to transform cities. The lessons they learned are captured in this white paper, How to Reinvent a City.

The Greater Philadelphia region is home to 101 colleges and universities, but the City of Philadelphia still struggles with low literacy, high school graduation and college attainment rates. During the Nutter administration’s first five years in office, these rates have steadily improved, though these numbers are still below the Mayor’s goals. To ensure best educational practices are implemented across the school system and improve the overall quality of education in the city, Mayor Nutter and the Pennsylvania Department of Education support the Great Schools Compact, a collaborative of School District, charter and Archdiocese schools with the goal of increasing the number of seats in high-performing schools.

Mayor Nutter is also championing the new digital learning initiative, Digital On-Ramps, which the IBM Smarter Cities Challenge team helped shape. The Digital On-Ramps initiative aims to provide comprehensive education and workforce training support to Philadelphians ages 14 – 65. The goal is to create an anytime, anywhere, any device learning community that works to improve math and literacy skills, assist in job searches and provide digital skill training. “The only way people will lift themselves out of poverty is through education, and we need to connect people in new, easily-accessible ways,” Mayor Nutter said.

Moreover, 230,000 Philadelphia households do not have internet access at home. To help address the big challenge of the digital divide, the City of Philadelphia is working with programs that make logging on easier and more affordable: KeySPOTS and Internet Essentials. KeySPOTS are federally-funded computer centers – 77 in total – located in neighborhoods where residential access to the internet is small. Internet Essentials is a partnership program with Comcast. With Internet Essentials, people who receive free or reduced lunches are eligible for a reduced-price personal computer and internet service and a free modem.

While access won’t solve the education challenges Philadelphia faces, it can support learning goals and, ultimately, achievement. Mayor Nutter added, “No matter what you’re working on, there is a technology solution, application and engagement that’s going to help you do things smarter, better, quicker, more efficiently or more productively.”

Steve Hamm is a communications strategist, writer and videographer at IBM. He was previously a journalist for 30 years, the last 12 as a senior technology writer at BusinessWeek.

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October 18, 2013
5:04 AM

When ouur dependable, inexpensive, Blac and Decker toaster oven starred spewing smoke out-of its
part, we began a quest for a thing that would match on our
cramped counter. There have been several selections so we opted for a new
Breville product hoping the cost might somehow be
warranted garnering any regularly substantial reviews.

Somewhat costly, but you get what you buy. It is a great-looking toaster
oven using a lot off functions. People straigght away observe that
this isn’t just any toaster. The end and uncomplicated software, coupled with flawlessly done bagels, gets this system 5 stars.
BUT, unlike many cheaper toaster ranges I have owned, the Mini’s rack
does NOT slide out when you open the entranceway.

So be cautious eliminating sizzling food from your oven, or possess a
pan handle nearby. In my guide, this subtracts a star.
black and decker toaster ovens target
I should hve purcxhased thhe Breville years ago as oppossed to squandering income on those cheap toaster
ovens which you exchange over and over. It toasts, makes, broils, does every thing good.

And yes it looks great within my home. The mini clever oven does not take-up a lott
of countertop room (I employed to have a toaster oven and
a toaster, now one great appliance does all of it) tthough I have a galley NYC kitchen.
So I may use two levels simultaneously I obtained an additional cord rack.
I love the ‘a bit more’ button in case you just want anything toasted or heated only a little more.

When our outdated Oster toaster oven gasve out I needed seriously to locate
another toaster might fit into that space. This is among the few that could do therefore, but there were no reviews however for
this design and all the warnings abouht how precisely hot these exact
things access it the outside sounded scary. In the end, thuis is
what I ordered, and I’m very happy with it. It does not get any sexier compared to the aged one did.
In reality, it appears cooler.

It is significantly smaller compared to the one I had before, but it satisfies the
pans from my old one and the within place is fine for that issues I put in it: many pieces of dense melted,
sausages, and therefore forth. Since I’ve a gas rahge wijth
the oven too I do not cook fulll roasts or anything
like that in the toaser oven. The heat and perkod settings on this devicce actuallly wok
(rather than being a ticking countdown timer like my old toaster oven),and they are easy
tosee and realize, therefore I have not burned such a thing however.

It is possibly pretty, a minimum of for me.
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It knows just how long to accomplish it according to if it’s toasting, baking,
etc. The controls are easy-to control and work great.

I do not discover the beeping noise that appears once the cooker is done pre-heating and when it
is done cooking also noisy or annoying whatsoever as some writers have written.
I never produce evaluations, but this can be hands down better-than any toaster oven I have ever owned.
It is worth the expense.

I disputed between the Compact and the Mini. I wanted a toaster that I could put on my microwave.
I was a bit worried the detail of the Mini might be an excessive amount
of. It didn’t aid the product conclusion claims the scale of the Mini as BOTH 15.5x14x8.8
inches and 16x13x9 inches? The Mini rerally is smaller than expected, since the dookr handle included ~2 ins.
With that in your mind, the really presence is nearer to 15.5×10.75 inches( Height 8.5 inches).

Posted by: black and decker toaster ovens target
November 20, 2013
2:35 PM

Each Package Includes 180 Plant Caps and consequently 180 Total Servings.

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That’s been the situation for me personally.
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I am an incredibly health minded, running individual anyway, but despite being thorough with my diet (eating 1500-2000 calories every
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Before I bought this solution, I read a variety of critiques oon it.but somehow I
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HCA and the business came ultimately back and said
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Yes, the leading of the bottle flows ‘Standardized to 65-year HCA,
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Yes, it got here punctually and yes, it was what I ordered.
BUT – and to me this is huge – I’d a phone from
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a high rating within my assessment, they would send
me free solution. All I’d to do was to phone them and tell them my ‘screen name’ and which of the additional products and services I’d prefer to get free.
This way, they’d manage to recognize me.

I am really concerned by this. In my experience, a product
review shows other your honest feelings to people about how exactly a product works and if it’s advantageous to
you, etc. Vendors do their finest to keep
you as being a customer, but here is the first time that I have felt so
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I’m going to need to re-think buying from them.
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My starvation is currently a sound and sweets not
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GC is a winner!

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November 25, 2013
7:23 PM

Expatriates andd several Singaporeans wish to livfe in a residence because of the
different amenities that come with it, and sometimes because they’re
often seen as a symbol of high status. Nevertheless,
investing in a exclusive house can be a relatively big investment and there are many things that you should think about before you really sign
the papers and complete the transaction. Listed below are 10 tips that might
help you for making your final decision or if not create the method easier!

Many people simply dive right into buying a individual house because their simple control of
it is still regarded as a symbol of luxury and high status.
Nevertheless, you may want to put more thought into
the location of the home. Do a small preparation around the various sites in Singapore and find the many
excellent place for you personally. After all, there’s truly no
speed in deciding. You may want to explore a feww
of the preferred expatriate enclaves including Holland Village and Dempsey, which are often the hottest destinatrions for expats thiniing
of buying. Do youu need to commute bby public transport
to work? Subsequentl looking for a place closer
to the MRT and bus stands should really be something yoou could wish to consider.

Seeking for interior-design services for your condo?
Make-up annd also attire require a regular make-over, as time go by your wants also and living alterations together with
your inside environment wishes rebuilding jist as
much as tthe hair. Nearing an expert for commercial central
decor in Singapore support isn’t merely for the affluent and famed.

condo singapore top 2015 players in ky
Modifying residence design of your look or office to echo
your improvement wishes and wishes can be more discouraging than buying a number of items to fresh-up your attire, but
using a little bit of help from a professional professional in
Singapore can be humorous and the result would be rewarding.
A designer is just a personal who’s got the expertise for building internal areas but does not have
proper training, while a certified designer can be an experienced pro using a

We arre a family group of 4 (young ones 8 & 5)
considering a go on to Singapore. Residing
in Melbourne I am employed tto open places and large
properties. What advice could anybody offer me as I negotiate together with the organization to get a housing allowance.
I anticipate we will wanbt too send our kids to the Australian International School so we will want to be
close to that.

As an Aussie the tradition of apartyment and residence living is
fairly foreign.Are the townhouses all they are chipped up-to be
or is itt better to choose a more communal living approach?
At the end oof the evening its a personal quality of
life decision, buut I’d welcome feedback from others who’ve needed
to make the transition.
comfort cab singapore
Site is ssential nonetheless it often has a value!
The deeeper you are towarrds thee MRT or to the area, the higher priced the
condo may be. For instance the price tag on a plkace in Holland Village could be
doubly high priced whwn compared with a place situated in Woodlands.
You may want to look into the arrea of schools
in tthe area, if you have children. Wikipedia includes a list of worldwide facculties in their diverse handles
and Singapore.

Search for supermarkets and convenience stores nearby that will facilitate your final deciion too.
Yet another aspect off choosing the right location is the matter many individuals have about which
way the flat is facing. So if you arre into Feng-shui, you should loook into thios even further.

Posted by: condo singapore top 2015 players in ky
December 1, 2013
4:27 PM

San Francisco Bay Area General Hospital officials tried for 36 monbths to rplace sheriff’s deputies and institutional police with what they hoped
would have been a cheaper and far better private security force –
but at every turn, they struck a wall with the effective
Service Employees International Union and the labor-friendly Board of Supervisors.

San Jose Bodyguards usually can conduct risk assessments and security assessments in attempts to
gauge & ascertain every level of risk. The personal protection agent or personal protection team issued to each client will have the protection experience & bodyguard knowledge to make certain every client
will generally experience relaxed & secure in their environment.

San Jose Bodyguards may safeguard consumers and their family members twenty four
hours per-day everywhere the customer may vacation. Get the
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Our San Jose bodyguards may properly establish every consumers possible dangers hence liberating them from all
possible threats or security-related problems.

Now, nonetheless, within the aftermath of Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi’s everyone that his deputies failed to
research the loccked stairwell in which a missing individual was fundamentally observed useless,
the privatization fight is certain to become revived at both San Francisco
General and Laguna Honda Hospital.

Barbara Garcia, head of the city’s Public Health Department,
claimed after Mirkarimi laid out his department’s foibles
that her agency was ‘discovering increasing our pre-existing exclusive protection deals’ and looking for ‘long- and near-term methods to guarantee patient and team safety.’
san jose iraq list of private security contractors in iraq
San Jose Body Guards from our Security Guard Company will make certain that
our consumers are protected and securedd while
they keep it up their day to day activities.
Our Bodyguard Agency gives knowledgeable bodyguard & exeec savety services personalized specifically to meet up every clients particular requirements tyerefore delivering a protected environment for
clients too securely participate in their routine activities.
Effective & unobtrusive armed / unarmed physique safeguard solutions
and government security can be obtained for Private residents,
Executives, Corporate Clients, Event Co-ordinators,
Much Taloked About Individuals, Celebrities &
VIPs while they travel locally or travel to their International Destinations.
Contact our frm people today tto hire San Jose Exec Protection, San Jose VIP Defense or San Jose Individual Protection.

Don’t fit your security at stakeget protective assistance today…If you
need certainly to hire security people, armed escorts, armed chauffeur, ordinary clothe human anatomy
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san jose list of private us ssecurity contractors in iraq (
A protection guard at a health-related marijuana dispensary in unincorporated Los Angeles County was
shot while looking to avoid a theft at the business enterprise,
a sheriff’s official claimed Thursday.

The guard was shot three times late Wednesday when he tried to prevent three suspects sporting bandanas and hoodies from
breaking into the enterprise in Palmdale, said Sheriff’s Capt.
Wear Ford said. The dispensary was identified as the Green Cactus Collective.

Posted by: san jose iraq list of private security contractors in iraq
December 3, 2013
6:55 PM

Several developments have been made in the electronic cigarette industry
within the last few couple off years. You may usually assume it to function quite nicely, an e-cigarette today when you obtain.
But, as ann e-cigarette perso you’ve likely seasoned massive, enjoyablee puffs of vapor as well as more
than a few small ones whixh make you think aabout — even when just for an instant — picking up a
package of cigarettes in your next day at the convenience store.

It doesn’t have to be that way; with your simple
e-cigarette tips and tricks, you can have a much better e-smoking expertise and produfe huge,
rewarding vapor cliuds more consistently.

This is probably a center-pin matter. Frequently his
occurs if the heart flag linked to the battery, where in actuality the clearomizer/cartomizer/tank connects to
the battery is recessed as a result of prior attachmen
triggering itt to slightly collapse. Thiss really is something which occurs to thee most readily
useful folks, and can simply bee fixed. There are always a few things yoou certainly can do at this time.
You are able to have a nail-file, the kind mounted on a nail-clipper, and increase thhe center-pin slowly by the edgs of
it with all the file.

The base subetance employed to make an e-cigarette water contains a
mixture of veg glygcerin and propylene glycol. Both ingtedients convert to stezm quickly and at relatively low temperatures.
But, propylene glycol is actually a greater company
of flavours and plant glycerin produces heavier vapor.
Consequently, the ideal e-liquid for some e-smokers contains a mix oof the two.
By way oof example, Volcano’s e-liquids contain somewhat more
than 10 percent vegetable glycerin, while Halo’s e-liquids contain around 20 percent.
Experiment with different e-liquids to locate your ideal
mix, or read e-liquid critiques to view what other e-smokers think about the latest products.

ou acheter cigarette elkectronique pharmacie
You mayy need to boost it by three to four diffeerent perspectives to consistently graduate the guts green back again to it’s initial position.
Be sure that yoou do not use an excessive amount of push, since this may cauyse the
pin to completely disoodge from your battery. You do not have to
totally tighten them onto the battery for theem too work, iif you are utilizing
generally egoo threaded devices including the ego cartomizers or oour clearomizers.

Over tightening may cause thee pin tto collapse again, based on how free the pin is now.
Here is a good video made by another person that displays the problem
and the fix.

In czse your e-cigarette has a battery att the least the size
and capacity of the 650 mAh pride e-cigarette, try changing oout your standard-resistance 2.5 and
3.0 ohm atomizers and cartomiers for a 1.5 ohm low-resistance attachment.
These aatomizers make more ennergy in n utilising the same battery
current, developing bigger and more fulfilling vapor
puffs. Volcano makes I to a low-resistance atomizer like called the Lava, but you might get low-resistance atomizers from more
or less any dependable vendor. Low-resistance cartomizers are also accessible, but I don’t see them
much beyter than standard-resistance cartomizers.

Frequently refsrred to as PG and occasionally outlined
as ‘propane-1,2-diol’ in research articles, can be an odourless, colourless and somewhat
sweet organic holding broker. Over 70 years off analysis is executed
on PG demonstrating thst it is secure for human inhalation over long intervals and the main reason PG is employed whilst the foundation compound for asthma inhalers.

The brrand new E-Lites refills (referred to as ‘E-Tips ‘) will help decrease the charge
of cigareettes by more than 606.
E-Tipps are seecurely made with an inner warmng ingredient
that changes thee nicotine fluid right into a vapour to create the taste
and full experience of cigarettes. E-Tips can be found inn pacs of 2, equal to approximately 80 tobacco cigarettes, and
packs of 5, which is approximately 200 ‘cigarettes’.

Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Gyferine have been labeled as
GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe)and doo not represent a melanoma hazard.
PG attracts dampness which could bing about the drying of the neck and causes it to sense painful.
That frequenty travels following a couple of days and drinking more fluid may help
relieve the symptoms. We propose that you seek thhe guidance of your GP beefore acquiring or utilising the
VIP E-Cig if you are allergic too PG.

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December 6, 2013
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Your PERSONAL COMPUTER is performing slow again! Only now, as
opposed to wasting the cash to upgrade components or purchase a new equipment,
you will want to only attempt upgrading your individuals? It is legitimate — without the most up-to-date drivers, a
lot of your system’s pieces and peripherals will quickly experience
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But finding the right drivers your self, not to mention the right drivers
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Driver Reviver driver pc software could be the most exact and effective solution
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Driver Reviver lets you begin a recover level, letting you roll back to your unique controls must something proceed horribly wrong,
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Every one of the product about Driver Reviver product
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A PC includes large number of motorists for individual components on your PC along with printers, scanners, web cams, Hard-drives an such like.
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Considering all of the patient parts on your personal computer,
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the newest Drivers can’t just be an occasion consuming
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Driver Reviver resolves this problem by letting you scan all of your hardware to identify the current Driver
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Driver Reviver ensures you’re having the maximum functionality out of
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One of the most criticl optins that come with Driver Reviver is how it options its Driver improvements.
Othner Driver update resources acquire their Driver’s
from numerous options on the World Wide Web and keep
them on nearby machines which runs the chance of the Drivers being obsolete or even
worse, perhaps not being from the first products
producer and perhaps containing crapware or spyware.

Defends you from faults. The restore place placing in Driver Reviver means that if
there are any issues with an update, the changes may be quickly corrected to
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You should not be tech-savvy. It can take substantial PC know-how to scan for Drivers, download
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this for you, speedily, safely and easily.

box top coupons

Motorist Reviver is WITHOUT RISK. Simply contact our customer care team within 1 month of your purchase,
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Prevents you from wrongly utilising the incorrect Driver.
Drivers are hardware-dependent and operating-system-specific.
Which means that Drivers (1) mjst certanly be appropriate to your PC’s os,
and (2) be suited for your hardware’s brand and model.
Driver Reviver immesdiately works with thjs basis which means
you are assured that Driver update recommendations are specific for yiur system and hardware.

Say goodbye to trolling the web looking for the best motorists!
And be careful — yoou could even encounter locckups and system
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Reviver accesses among the world’s biggest windows driver listings and speedily establishes which of the system’s individuals are useless.
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24/7 tech support team. Support for Driver reviver can be acquired from our site, from within the merchandise and via

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Couple of years previously this fruit was just a typical fruit used by the locals of
Southeast Asia. After some scientgific tessts and a
clinical trial along with a well-known doctor’s validation, the trail to
celebrity commenced. But I’m getting brfore myself.
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Thee second effect mayy be tthe most significant onee at the same time.
Your mind will be programmed iin a way that it will tell the humawn body not
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Last although not least it manages your serotonin levels.
If this hormone are at a low level within your body, you will start craving food.
What kind of food can you usually crave? Yes, processed foods.
Pizza, burgers, ice-cream and the like.

Of a year-ago Doctor. Oz presented Garcinia Cambogia extract
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quest will be to assist persons dwell a heathier living.

No wonder Garcinia made its debut on this show.

In my opinion you aare ble to view it on your own and nevertheless find that
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be as follows: there is a clinical trial conducted right
before the launch and it passed with flying recommendations.

garcinia cambogia for weight loss
There are numerous venrors out there and however there a number of
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Following a considerable amount of searching, I’ve managed to
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There’s a little hiccup together. Theyy are so common that they go out of share truly quick.
So if you need to get yourself some top quality garcinia, get today!

If you begin tto see the sign on the website, ensure you
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garcinia cambogia ffor weight loss
Most of the players waas able to shed weight without the unwanted effects.

To find out more concerning the scientific
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The principle guest to the present wwas Dr. Chen who
explained what Garcinia Cambogia is and how it works.
Besides that, two haphazard individuals from the market offered to try the extract.
Thee outcome were stunning to say tthe least.

The 2 gals who tried it was able to shed between 5-7 pounds in just 1 week.

Better yet, they didn’t do a severe last minute diet or pump iron in the gym.

They got some weight off and lived their regular lives.

This is exactly what got my attention. With Garcinia Cambogia you’re able to lose weight without any
challenging routines or crazy diets. All you need to complete is benefit from the results and take it regularly.

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You may be investing in a ship for private use or to operate it commercially.

Whether you aare buying direct from the boat builders / producers or by
way off a yacht broker / agent or perhaps ordering the structure off a new yacht or inventory boat we’d always suggest
visiting YachtingLawyers in advance of accepting the
sale. You’ll find often complex legal specifications and contractual law concerns surrrounding the sale and getting suggestions before you make yourself will help to make sure your investment is protected.

Checking out as many various ships as possible before generally making a purchasee wiol be precious experience annd hepp provide a clear
notion of what’ll match you best. With this particular experience under your belt,
you’ll then have the ability to pick your initial motorboat from a educated location.

Examining Seller’s Identify – When purchasing a
boat you want to be sure that the vendor owns the boat and therefore has got the to provide it,
and that the boat is free of any fees and liens, including mortgages,
loans and hobbies from 3rd parties (e.g. Excellent marina charges).

Is an excellent starting point when examining concept, checking the
UNITED KINGDOM Deliver Signup. Contact Yachting Lawyers
we are able to carry out this research and receive lookups for you .

Mariners are passionate about their time around the water — buoyed by way of
a sense of power because the wind fills the sails and the boat glides peacefully through the water.
Cruising is wind-powered, is really a green activity,
and is gratifying for anybody at any age.
Here is the lifestyle you ‘ve been fantasizing about —to share with friends and family close to home or in superb
crusing argument all over the world. Whether you are
enthusiastic about time sailing, cruising, aggressive racing,
orhire holidays, there’s a sailboat for you and an
eternity of sailing ventures forward.
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Sailboats vary from other types of motorboats in that they’re powered partially or completely
by wind; they employ sails to transform the power of the wind into powwer
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